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Privacy and Cookies policy

Privacy and use of cookies on PowerBad websites

Table of contents:

What are the basic objectives of the privacy policy and use of cookies on our websites?

1) This document contains the Privacy Policy and the use of cookies on all our websites in the domains:,,
(hereinafter also jointly referred to as "Services") was created and accepted by PowerBad with its registered office in POLAND at 20 Piaskowa Street, 62-040 Puszczykowo, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the Central Business Activity Registrar, NIP 777-280-18-21, REGON 364628630 (hereinafter referred to as "PowerBad Wojciech Szkudlarczyk" or alternatively "PowerBad") for the purpose:

  • to highlight the special importance we attach to the issue of protecting the privacy of users visiting the Services.
  • to provide Users with information concerning the use of cookies on these Websites, required by the provisions of the Act of 16 July 200 4. Telecommunications Law (Journal of Laws No. 171, item 1800 as amended), hereinafter referred to as the "Telecommunications Law", in the wording in force from 22 March 2013.


2) Below are the rules of collecting and using information about users applicable in the Services, as well as when placing orders for a service provided by electronic means, the subject of which is to provide - without any payment on this account - newsletters.

3) We ensure that our overriding goal is to provide the Users of the Services with privacy protection at a level at least equivalent to the standards set out in the applicable legislation, in particular the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means, hereinafter referred to as the "Act on the provision of services by electronic means", the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data, hereinafter referred to as the "Act on the protection of personal data", and the Telecommunications Law.

4) We also ensure that we are committed to comply with applicable laws, especially those that protect the privacy of users of the websites.

5) We also note that links may be provided within the Services to enable Users to directly reach other websites. PowerBad has no influence on and is not responsible for the privacy or cookie policy of the administrators of these websites. All we can do is advise you to read the privacy policy and cookie policy, if any, before using the resources they offer, and, if any, to contact the editors of that site for information.

6) We also reserve that on the basis of agreements concluded by us within the, services, we rent space for advertising to various advertising networks. These networks should comply with applicable laws, including those relating to the protection of privacy of users of websites, to which we always encourage and will encourage them. However, we may not have any real impact on their privacy policies and rules on the use of cookies, so we urge users to read their privacy policy and cookie policies. We are also open to reporting any irregularities in this area to or by filling out the reporting form here. We assure you that any such report will be reviewed by us and will be answered by us at the e-mail address provided in the report, or in return.

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What information about users do the Services collect and how do they use it?

The Services limit the collection and use of information about their users to the minimum necessary to provide them with services at the desired level, pursuant to Article 18 of the Act on Providing Electronic Services. In particular, when collecting personal data, we distinguish those which are actually necessary to provide the service by electronic means. Providing other personal data (i.e. data which are not necessary to provide the service by electronic means) is not obligatory, it is at the discretion of the person to whom the data refer and their processing by PowerBad depends on their consent.

We emphasize that only in some cases, e.g. when subscribing to free newsletters, surveys or order forms we collect more detailed information about users, such as e-mail addresses or other personal data (see also answer to the next question).

We ensure that any personal information, if collected as part of the Services, is mainly used to fulfil PowerBad's obligations to its customers (e.g. delivery service and subscribed messages). This information is not shared with third parties unless:

  • with the prior express consent of the persons concerned to do so


  • if the obligation to provide these data results (will result) from legal regulations.

We would also like to remind you that PowerBad as a personal data controller within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act may contractually entrust the processing of the data collected within the Services to other entities on the basis of Article 31 of the aforementioned Act.

  • IAI S.A. with its registered office in Szczecin, Aleja Piastów 30, 71-064 Szczecin, as the operator of IdoSell Shop, the software we use to run the Internet shop, storage system and invoicing system.
  • Accounting Office Magdalena Bernacka, 62-064 Plewiska, Fabianowska 84S/1 str. as an accounting office.
  • IAI Pay as an integral service of IAI S.A. for the payment system.
  • DPD Poland, Mineralna 15 str, 02-274 Warsaw as an operator of courier shipments to orders in PowerBad store Wojciech Szkudlarczyk
  • RUCH S.A. 52 Chlodna str, 00-872 Warsaw as the operator of courier shipments realized for orders in PowerBad Shop Wojciech Szkudlarczyk
  • InPost S.A. Wielicka 28 str., BUSINESS PARK Building B, 30-552 Krakow as a courier service operator for orders at the PowerBad store Wojciech Szkudlarczyk.
  • Poczta Polska S.A. Rodziny Hiszpanskich 8 str. 00-940 Warszawa as a courier service operator for orders at the PowerBad store Wojciech Szkudlarczyk

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How does PowerBad use information from order forms for free newsletters, purchase forms, other forms and surveys conducted on the Services?

The Services include order forms that allow customers to place orders for products and services offered by PowerBad. The data collected in this way is used mainly to fulfil obligations to them (to complete this statement read also the answer to the previous question).

In particular, to subscribe to electronic and free newsletters issued by PowerBad, you must provide your e-mail address in the appropriate form. This field is mandatory. The data obtained in this way is added to the mailing list. The e-mail address is necessary in order to be able to send the user the newsletter ordered by the user.

Customer contact information is also used to contact them when necessary (e.g. in case of order confirmation). At any time, users of the Services who have ordered a newsletter have the possibility to unsubscribe from receiving it; see below the answer to the question: "How to unsubscribe from our selected services?

Other information is used to determine the profile of persons using the Services and ordering newsletters and allows you to better adapt the content of the Service and newsletters to the needs of those using this form of information. However, their processing always takes place in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and the Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means (see also answer to the next question).

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What does PowerBad do with the information contained in access logs?

We collect information regarding the use of the Service by its users and their IP addresses based on access log analysis. We use this information to diagnose problems related to server operation, analyze possible security breaches and manage the website. The IP address is also used by us for statistical purposes, i.e. to collect and analyse demographic data of visitors to the website (e.g. information about the region from which the connection was made). However, we assure you that this information is not in any way associated (linked) by PowerBad with personal data of the users of the Website, in particular with the data of subscribers to e-mail lists and other services provided by the Website.

On the basis of the information obtained in the above mentioned way, in special cases, aggregate, general statistical summaries are prepared and disclosed to third parties who cooperate with us. They usually include information about the service audience. However, these summaries do not contain, as we emphasize, any data allowing the identification (identification) of a given Service user.

Please note that we may be required to disclose information regarding your IP number when requested to do so by the authorities of a country that are legally entitled to do so under applicable law in connection with their proceedings.

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What's a cookie?

Before explaining this term, please note that the term "cookie" used in this document refers to cookies and other similar tools described in Directive 2009/136/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector (Directive on privacy and electronic communications) and Article 173 of the Telecommunications Law [1].

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer or other mobile device while you are using websites. These files are used, among other things, to use various functions provided on a given website or to confirm that a given user has seen certain content from a given website.

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For what purposes does PowerBad use cookies on its websites?

Among the cookies we can distinguish those that are necessary for the operation of PowerBad websites. Cookies in this category are used to ensure that you are able to use them:

  • maintaining your session;
  • to save the status of a user's session;
  • enabling authorization through the Login Service (
  • saving information to allow the user to log in anonymously;
  • saving information necessary for the operation of the Internet shopping cart when shopping online through PowerBad websites, e.g.
  • monitoring service availability.

Another category of cookies are files that are not necessary to use PowerBad Services, but make them easier to use. They are used to make it possible:

  • Restore the last view you visited the next time you log on to the product;
  • remembering your choice to stop displaying the selected message or to display it a certain number of times;
  • restore a user session
  • remembering the last selected category in the product;
  • checking whether the storage of cookies is functioning properly;
  • Enabling automatic login to the product (option "remember me");
  • adjusting the content of products to users' preferences;
  • setting your preferred language, currency, font size and other such properties to facilitate your work with the application;
  • restore the last search result in the product;
  • display the products you last viewed in the webshop;
  • displaying the last selected sorting parameter.

PowerBad also uses third parties, whose list is constantly changing and who use cookies for the following purposes:

  • to monitor traffic to our websites;
  • collecting anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how users use our website and enable us to continuously improve our products;
  • to determine the number of anonymous users of our websites. This is needed to analyze your use of PowerBad services;
  • To control how often the selected content is shown to users;
  • To control how often users choose a particular service;
  • to study subscriptions to newsletters;
  • Using a system of personalized recommendations for e-commerce;
  • using a communication tool;
  • integration with the community portal;
  • Internet payments.

Among these entities, as of the date of this document, we include:

At the same time we also inform that some elements of PowerBad websites are supported by external advertisers who place behavioural ads on PowerBad websites. Content from these third party providers may contain third-party cookies, so we recommend that you review the use of these cookies by these third party providers.

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How can you manage cookies?

You can manage the cookies used by PowerBad or any other external providers by changing the settings of your web browser. Further information can be found in the document "How to manage cookies" - here.

PowerBad also reserves the right to prevent the use of cookies if you refuse to accept them, and even in some cases it may prevent you from using the product you choose.

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How does PowerBad protect the privacy of people who do not have full legal capacity?

We disclaim that the Websites do not collect, monitor or verify information about the age of visitors or anyone else whose collection would allow us to determine whether you (including the recipient and user of emailing lists, survey participants and contestants in your forums) have legal capacity.

Persons who do not have full legal capacity should not order or subscribe to services provided by the Services, unless their legal representatives agree to do so, if such consent is sufficient under applicable law.

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What security features does PowerBad use?

The services are equipped with security measures to protect the data under our control from loss, misuse or modification. We are committed to protecting any information you disclose to us in accordance with security and confidentiality standards.

The rights of access to personal data of service users have been restricted in a restrictive way so that the information does not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons. Only a limited number of authorized employees of the Publishing House have access to personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the executive act issued on its basis.

PowerBad services offer Users the opportunity to resign from receiving newsletters ordered from PowerBad. The services will provide Users with the option of removing information about themselves from our database and will enable them to stop receiving information sent by e-mail. This can be done by following the instructions provided with the emails we send you.

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Are there any changes to the PowerBad privacy policy?

The development of our Services, technological progress, as well as changes in legal regulations may result in the necessity, or even legal obligation, to introduce changes in PowerBad's existing privacy policy. If such changes take place, we will immediately inform Service Users about them under the "Privacy Policy.

We therefore encourage all Users to visit this place whenever they connect to the Service.

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How do I contact PowerBad?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about PowerBad's privacy policy within the Service, including clarifying any concerns about the content of this information, please send them to

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[1] From 22 March 2013, Article 173 of the Telecommunications Law shall read as follows:

(1) Storing information or accessing information already stored in the telecommunications terminal equipment of a subscriber or end-user shall be allowed, provided that:

         1. the subscriber or end-user is informed directly in advance in an unambiguous, easy and comprehensible manner, about :
                  (a) the purpose of storing and accessing the information,
                  (b) his ability to determine the conditions for storing or accessing this information by means of software settings installed in the telecommunications terminal equipment or service configuration;
         2. the subscriber or end-user, upon receipt of the information referred to in point 1, will consent to it;
         3. the information stored or accessing it does not cause any changes in the configuration of the telecommunications terminal equipment of the subscriber or end user and the software installed in that equipment.

(2) the subscriber or end-user may give the consent referred to in paragraph (1).2  by means of software settings installed in the telecommunications terminal equipment or service configuration.

(3)The conditions referred to in paragraph 1 shall not apply if the storage or access to the information referred to in paragraph 1 is necessary to:

       1. the transmission of a communication over the public telecommunications network;
       2. provide a telecommunications service or a service provided by electronic means, requested by the subscriber or end user.

(4) The entities providing telecommunications services or services by electronic means may install software in the telecommunications terminal equipment of the subscriber or end-user intended to use these services or use this software, provided that the subscriber or end-user:

      1. is informed directly, in a clear, unambiguous, simple and understandable manner prior to installation of the software, of the purpose for which the software will be installed and how the service provider will use the software;
      2. is informed directly, in a clear, unambiguous, simple and understandable manner, of how to remove the software from the telecommunications terminal equipment of the user or subscriber;
      3. prior to the installation of the software, he will consent to its installation and use.
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